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Curating and Prioritizing service offerings for prospective clients  
Luma is a knowledge managed decision mapping tool for legal service sales teams to efficiently prepare consulting proposals.
Product Strategy Requirements Definition
User Flows, Wireframes
Interaction Design, Visual Design
Agile Process and Management
Front-end Angular (HTML5 / CSS) dev
Back-end Database and CMS dev
The Luma application was designed with the legal services sales team in mind. Due to high demand and repetitive inquiries from customers, Luma was designed to take in customer problem areas and provide the top most effective ranked solutions for engaging the legal team with for providing services.

The tool is designed for a legal consultant to be used alongside a prospective client, taking notes as they go within the tool. Selections are made in each section of the interactive tool based on customer reported problem areas and goals desired. Each selections map to service solutions that have a scoring system that place higher value on areas of more significant impact and return.

Streamline the creation and documentation for legal service consutling services.
Many customer needs are not unique and the onboarding process is repetitive which allows for utilizing automation.
Clients become a part of the proposal creation process and feel listened to. They get insight into the direct impact of service choices and the correlation to desired outcomes.